Accommodation and facilities

Hyvärilä offers accommodation for long holiday stays as well as a short visit. We provide the following range of accommodation services for different tastes: Hotel rooms in the Manor Hotel, modern Karelian holiday apartments and budget stays in one of our huts. You can also rent our sauna facilities and Riihikota hut.

Manor Hotel

The facilities of the manor-like hotel include 14 cosy hotel rooms, different types of meeting facilities, Restaurant Pielinen (seats for 70 people) and sauna facilities on the bottom floor.

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Holiday apartments

Hyvärilä’s high-quality holiday apartments are located right next to the Manor Hotel. The apartments are spacious (110 m2) and include two separate bedrooms on the bottom floor, a spacious kitchen, a living room complete with a soapstone fireplace, and a terrace.

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Pehtoorin talo building

Pehtoorin talo is a comfortable and affordable choice of accommodation. The building includes five rooms (double and quadruple) with shared bathroom and shower facilities as well as a self-service kitchen and a living space on the second floor.

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You can opt to stay in a cottage, trailer, camper van or tent at our campsite. We have 50 parking spaces with electrical outlets for trailers and camper vans. The campsite also includes two maintenance buildings complete with toilet and shower facilities, a handicap bathroom, rental sauna facilities, and stations for cooking, emptying chemical toilets and grey water disposal.

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Lakeside sauna

Hyvärilä’s lakeside sauna is a popular venue for parties and evening get-togethers. The lakeside sauna includes two steam rooms and an intimate room equipped with a fireplace, sofas and a dining table for twelve. You can also order catering for the lakeside sauna.

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Riihikota hut

The Riihikota hut is located in the old farmyard area of Hyvärilä and makes an excellent venue for intimate get-togethers by a fire, small meetings or recreational activities. You can cook tasty meals over a fire in the hut’s kitchen space and there is room for up to 30 people to gather around the fire at one time.

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Navetta (‘The Cowhouse’)

Navetta offers suitable facilities for many types of festivities, including weddings and birthdays. We can organise festive dining with impressive settings in the Stable Restaurant, located in the same building.

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Lakeside cottage

The our lakeside cottage is an affordable choice for basic accommodation. The cottage facilities are also an excellent place to accommodate camp participants and groups. The lakeside cottage is located directly at the waterfront by Lake Pielinen, approximately 100 metres from the Manor Hotel.

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